Hey there, thank you for taking the time to visit Kreatif Haus.


In 2015 I was brave/crazy enough to leave my job and start Anerike de Wet Photography.

Though I specialise in portrait photography, I absolutely love creating images for new and upcoming personal blogs and businesses.

The more photographs I took, the more the creativity took over all aspects of my life.  I created my own brand and wanted to design around the things that I love.  This is how, 4 years later, Kreatif Stroke was born.


Fast forward to 2020


We moved from Botswana for my husbands new job, I was terrified of leaving everything I knew and the clients that I loved behind.​

I had built a great business and awesome relationships during my time there.  We had just bought our first house in Somerset West and then, Covid happened.  

Not only was I not known in the area, but people couldn’t even open their businesses, much less go for photoshoots or plan for advertising and social media.  People were just trying to keep the doors open.

This is how Kreatif Haus started.


I had always loved printing and textiles, but didn’t really know how to get into this market.  Having a chat with my longtime friend in Maun, Botswana, she gave me what was the start of a very cute idea.

What do you do with all your kids old and new artwork from school? Put it in a cupboard never to be seen again?  So with Kreatif Kids, I realised I could incorporate my love for photography and design into one awesome little business.

Perhaps I was mad or the cabin fever was taking over, but I really thought I could be onto something.


I have been very fortunate to meet amazing people who have supported me along this journey and given me the opportunity to diversify and create a company that I am truly proud o

I hope you love this little venture as much as I do.

Let's get together over a nice cup of coffee or indulge in a glass of wine and chat a little about you and how I can best help you start this kreatif journey with me.

Chat soon