All products should be hand washed in cold water.

Don't tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight.

Hand wringing is not recommended.

Use phosphate-free detergent.

Iron on reverse.

Avoid washing scatters - All scatters have a water protected coating and can be wiped clean.

All our products are pre-treated:

Improved print fastness, brighter colours, sharper print detail and delivering a soft fabric finish, never achievable before.

Pre-treatment acts as a primer for the pigment print

Pigment ink has the best light fastness performance over all other printing types and for this reason it is the preferred choice for interior fabrics.

Safe for children

Shrinkage Allowance:

Cotton Woven: 0% - 2%

Linen: 0% - 2%


IMAGUARD: Water-repellent. Outdoor furniture, tablecloths, aprons etc | R30.00 per meter

IMACOAT 13%: Improves fastness . Fashion & Apparel fabrics | R33.00 per meter


Please contact us should you wish to purchase some of our ranges for wholesale.


Strength & Durability:

Linen is the strongest of all natural fibres & only gets stronger & softer with each wash.

Easy Care:

It doesn’t need ironing to look good, high quality linen has a wrinkly look & that forms part of its beauty.

Low Environmental Impact:

All of the flax plant can be used and is biodegradable.

Hypoallergenic, Breathable & Highly Absorbent:

Linen fibres are hollow and allow more airflow through your body, reducing the moisture buildup that breeds bacteria & microbes. 

It's Luxurious:

Timeless & luxurious is what our brand is all about.


Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to price change and availability.  Prices are for fabric only, without print and design.  Please see our shop for item prices.

We believe in only using a 100% natural fibres and have a no waste police.  We can source various other fabrics, so please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Linen 245:

100% Linen | White | 245g | 180 cm | R245.00 per meter

100% Linen | Semi Natural | 245g | 148 cm | R195.00 per meter

100% Linen | Semi Natural | 245g | 180 cm | R245.00 per meter

Gorgeous linen perfect for scatters, tablecloths, table runners and napkins.

Light Linen:

100% Linen | Optic White‘Washed’ | 185g | 145 cm | R175.00 per meter

100% Linen | Natural ‘Washed’ | 185g | 150 cm | R195.00 per meter

Beautiful fabric we use for our kids clothing.

Linen Cotton Blend:

50% Linen 50% Cotton | Natural | 309gram | 146 cm | R120.00 per meter

Lovely alternative for pure linen scatters and bags.

Double Muslin:

100% Cotton | Optic White | 130 gram | 130 cm | R95.00 per meter

Muslin is a lightweight, woven, (highly) breathable 100% cotton fabric great for swaddles & washcloths.  Perfect to wrap the little one in.

Hemp & Organic Cotton Canvas: Only on special request, minimum 20 meter - OUT OF STOCK

55% hemp 45% organic cotton | Natural Stone| 285gram | 140 cm | R200.00 per meter

We use our 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton medium weight canvas for making bags and scatters as it is very durable and treated with a water resistant coating for extra protection.